The Importance of Wearing Face Mask

Coronavirus. It has become one of the biggest pandemics of all time. Most people don’t even entirely know what it has come to. It has taken the lives of thousands of innocent people as we continue to fight it. The older you are, the more at risk you are of catching the virus. It has a variety of different side effects such as cough, fever and shortness of breath. However the real heros of all of this pandemic has to be the front line workers. They have put their lives at risk each and everyday to help save the lives of tons of people they don’t even know. But how is it even possible that these front line workers are even able to be around people that have such an infectious disease? Through the use of masks, gowns and tons of other medical supply equipment. However one of the biggest problems with the pandemic is that there is a huge shortage of medical supplies around the entire world. When the pandemic first happened, everyone tried to stock pile on as many supplies as they could get such as masks, gowns, gloves and disinfected wipes. We need to make sure that all of the hospitals are able to have the amounts they need to keep the workers safe and help the patients to stay safe when it comes to the recovery process. Lots of people and celebrities around the world have been very generous when it comes to donating their money to help the cause. However even still there is a massive shortage of all sorts of different medical supplies. 

One of the most important supplies during the coronavirus pandemic has to be masks. Masks can thankfully be made out of all sorts of different materials. People have started to work on them to start fulfilling the need for masks around the world. The more that people make, the better off we are going to be. Masks are super important because they are one of the top causes to make sure that the virus does not spread any further than it already has. The problem is that a vaccine is very far away and the only thing we can do right now is try to prevent the spread of the virus. We have to do all that we can to keep the people that are at higher risk, inside, and safe. Before the pandemic, masks were really only used by firefighters, some nurses and then construction workers. They are mainly used as a filter to make sure that the air you are breathing in is going to be clean and won’t contain anything that is bad for you. You can easily get the virus through your eyes, nose, or mouth so the mask really helps to prevent getting the virus or spreading it to others that you love. If you have any masks that you aren’t using, it would be very nice to donate them to your local churches and hospitals so that those that can’t afford them are able to get one and can protect themselves.  

How you can make better use of the masks:

Most people just think that a mask is good for one time and then you have to throw it away. That is actually the complete opposite. If more people were to educate themselves in this time of need, we might not have such a shortage of products. Many people go through way too many masks because they are not educated very well. We need everyone to know that you can easily wash your masks and reuse them. This is going to help with the shortages going around. Another really important thing that you are able to do is buy a higher quality mask that uses different filters. This is going to help you save time money and other people will be able to use the masks for what they need. 

Quality over Quantity 

Now the discussion turns to something very important. Is it better to have more masks, or one better mask? Well the answer to this question is simply up to you as there is no right or wrong answer. I have actually seen it go both ways. Some people prefer to buy a bunch of disposable ones and that is ok or you can get one really high quality one and then ride that one for the rest of the pandemic. Regardless though, make sure you are keeping the needs of others in mind too when you shop and go out into public.  

Wrap Up

Overall COVID-19 has done more to our nation than we could have ever predicted. It is super important we are all educated and make decisions that are going to benefit us in the future. One of the biggest problems of the pandemic is the shortage of medical supplies. There is absolutely no reason that we should have a shortage of medical supplies. We knew this virus was coming long before it’s time and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for not being prepared. The only thing we can do now is make sure we get masks and the other needed medical supplies to the front line workers that are working around the clock to help save the lives of innocent people. I want to thank you for spending the time to read this post. Believe it or not you are doing a lot just by reading. If you want to get involved, learn how to make masks. They are very easy to make and you can donate them to hospitals and other places that really need them. The more involved that we all get in the COVID pandemic the earlier we are going to get out of it. Masks have to be one of the most important things because they really slow down the spread of the virus. The more you educate yourself the more you are going to help out your community. We are going to get through this all together. Just make sure to do your part. Thank you.