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Contact Manager for Real Estate Contact Management integrated with Microsoft Outlook

Real Estate Contact Manager Software
for Microsoft Outlook

Our Real Estate Client Management software is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. So, it leverages a technology that you already know and use to make managing your Real Estate contact database easy and efficient. Plus, we include features that you only find in products costing hundreds of dollars more. Such as:

  • Multiple Listing and Purchase Transactions for Each Client
  • Reminders for Critical Tasks -- Don't miss an important date
  • Schedule Client Showings and Email Listings to be Shown
  • Track and Manage Buyer & Seller Requirements
  • Remember Client Family Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Integrated Partner Contact Management helps track everyone associated with a transaction
  • Log Detailed Property Information
  • Store Critical Documents within the Associated Client Transaction
  • Build Campaigns - Action Plans and Drip Email to keep in contact with your client base.

The product was originally created because every Real Estate Contact Manager product we tried had severe limitations. Especially with handling multiple client transactions, having an intuitive interface, and being able to work when no internet connection was available. Most contact manager software was also very pricey -- some with large up-front costs and continuing monthly subscription fees.

Our real estate contact manager software is reasonably priced ($99 not hundreds of dollars). We also allow you to try a fully functional copy for 30 days because we are confident you'll see the value it brings to your real estate business.

Core to Real Estate Client Management for Microsoft Outlook are four tightly integrated modules: Client Information, Listing Management, Buyer Purchases, and Campaigns. These modules allow you to create multiple sell and buy transactions per client, track and schedule every aspect of both the client and the transaction, and manage on-going communication with your client and prospect-base.

These are few screen shots (Outlook 2007) from the modules -- download your copy today and see what RECM can do for your real estate business.

Real Estate Contact Manager Client Form
Client Module - RECM Client Page

Real Estate Contact Manager Listing Form
Seller Listing Module - Property Details Page

Real Estate Contact Manager Purchase Form
Buyer Purchase Module - Requirements Page

Real Estate Client Management for Microsoft Outlook is designed for Real Estate Agents by Real Estate Agents.

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Windows 7, 8, & 10
Outlook 2010


Recommended by Realtor Magazine as a Budget Buyer Solution.  See Article: CRM Solutions

RECM v3.7 Released 

- Performance and error logging improvements

- Corrected conflict when third party snychronization (e.g. gSyncIt) applications would run Outlook as a backbround application.

See Version history and FAQ