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Purchase Intuitive Real Estate Contact Manager Software for $99

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We kept the price of our Real Estate Contact Manager software to just $99. We want realtors to have a quality contact manager tool that doesn't break the bank like so many of the other client management software tools out there. So, don't let the price fool you ... this is full featured, intuitive to use contact management software that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. And, we're so sure that you'll see the value it will bring to your business that you can try it for 30 Days before you spend your hard-earned money!

Order Process: As part of the order, you'll be asked for an email address and your product key will be emailed to this address. When registering the product in Microsoft Outlook, you'll use both that email address and the product key.  The registration form is found on the main Outlook toolbar under RE Client Management/Register.  If you're runniin Microsoft Outlook 2010 then the RECM menu is located under the add-in tab.

The credit card processor also provides an extended download service and requires it be offered.  This is probably not necessary since you can download the latest version from the website (click the download 30 day trial button in upper right). If you choose not to use this service, click the trashcan to the left of "Extended Download Service" on the order form. This will remove the extended download service from your order.

Purchase/Refund Policy: Please fully test RECM during the 30 day trial to ensure RECM meets your needs before purchasing it (we want you to be confident it meets your business needs). If you need additional time to review RECM, let us know via the support page and we'll send you a key for a 30 day trial extension.  When you purchase RECM, we'll issue you a registration key. Once that key has been issued, we can't refund your purchase price.

OUTLOOK 2010 Menu Location:  The RECM menus in Outlook 2010 are located under the AddIns tab on the main menu bar.

Outlook 2010 RECM Menu Location

Installation Requirements: Please read the RECM FAQ to review any know installation issues. Following are the minimum requirements to install and run Real Estate Client Management for Outlook:

  • Microsoft 2007 or 2010 (32 bit)
    (if you installed the "Click-To-Run" version of Office -- see this FAQ first)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP Operating Systems 32 or 64 bit (English Language Version)
  • Screen Resolution 1024x768 or Greater (Most Are)
  • POP3 or Exchange as your default type of email account (see Mail FAQ if you use an HTML based account such as Hotmail, Live, or Gmail)
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 (If not on your system, will be installed during the installation process)
  • RECM is not compatible with Apple's iCloud implementation within Outlook (iCloud removes your contacts from Outlook's .pst database and stores them on Apple's servers  so RECM can't access them).

Microsoft Business Contact Manager can cause problems with the RECM installation. We recommend disconnecting BCM and reconnecting it after RECM has been installed. (Instructions).

We also recommend removing any other Outlook Add-Ins (for example, other real estate tools you're reviewing -- some don't play nicely with other products.)

Backup Outlook: We have tested the product with Outlook. But, as with any software installation, we recommend you back up your Outlook files before installation. You can download Microsoft's Outlook 2007/2003 Personal Folders Backup tool here.

Remove RECM: Should you choose to remove RECM from your computer, you can just rerun the RECM setup program again and choose Remove. You can also go under Programs and Features (Windows 7 and Vista) or Add and Remove Programs (XP) to uninstall it. Regardless of the method, the un-install will not remove the “Contacts – Real Estate” folder which you’ll need to manually delete.

Download Real Estate Contact Manager Trial


Download a fully functional 30 Day Trial copy of our Real Estate Contact Manager software. Just select the download button above.

NOTE: If you are updating RECM v3 (latest release), you can download the trial version.  If you need a copy of v2, then you can download it here.


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Upgrade pricing available for registered RECM users ($25 for v2 users, $50 for v1 users).  Contact us via the Support page.

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