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Mobile Applications

In addition to building Real Estate Client Management applications, we also build iPad applications. Following are some great tools for to help your real estate business.

Mortgage Analyzer

Mortgage Analyzer is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you analyze how different loan option (Fixed Rate or ARM) or Payment Options affect a mortgage.

iPad 1, 2, or 3

Survey Master

Survey Master is a sophisticated, yet simple tool that lets you create surveys that you can use to interview prospects, clients, or customers. It includes the ability to Created and Edit Surveys of unlimited questions.

When you’re out in the field or with a client, you simply choose the survey you want. Then hand the iPad to your prospects, clients, or customers to have them complete an individual questionnaire … Or, you can interview them and enter the data yourself. When you’re done email the survey results to yourself, supervisor, or client in a spreadsheet format so you can manipulate or reuse the data you’ve collected.

The application is perfect for any business that needs to capture data from or perform opinion polls of their prospect or client base. And can be used across just about any business sector, such as: Retail, Restaurant, Real Estate, Political, Medical, Equipment, Recreational Products, Services (and lots more).

iPad 1, 2, or 3

Comming Soon

Open House -- coming soon

Open House is a great app for prospecting at your open houses and also for gathering opinions of other agents while your property is on tour. And, includes all the features of Survey Master and Mortgage Analyzer plus more.

  • Unlimited properties with photos and descriptions.
  • Create and Edit unlimited numbers of your own survey questions
  • Create Survey Templates that you can reuse over and over at different properties
  • Capture prospects information and real estate needs
  • Capture pricing and condition opinions from other agents that you send to your sellers
  • Ability to email and export any data captured -- so you can manipulate/edit it

iPad 1, 2, or 3